Beagle Puppies

They are loving, sweet,  gentle, excellent with children, even tempered with a gentle disposition, neither aggressive nor timid. They were bred to live and hunt in packs so they enjoy the company of either humans or other dogs.

                                  This breed has been in the top 10 most popular dogs for the past 100 years.

Beagles is a breed that is recommended for children.


The Beagle is a sturdy, hardy, little hound dog.  13 to 15 inches tall,  20 – 25 lbs.  Their coat is short.  They do shed but if kept bathed and brushed it will lessen the shedding.


Beagles come in a range of colours: Tri-colour, Brown & White, Orange & White, Tan & White, Red & White, Chocolate and White and Lemon & White, Blue tick and Red tick.

The Tri-colour Beagle is born black and white and will gradually turn tan on its head, ears and elbows.  This can take up to 2 years before all the tan has come through.


Beagles have minds of their own, are intelligent but  single-minded and determined.

They are curious and have a tendency to follow their noses.

They were bred to think and therefore can seem stubborn as they do not see why they should do it your way.  

They can be persuaded to do almost anything with a food treat.


With enough exercise they will be calm.  Take them for walks or play with them in the back yard.


Beagles will live 12–15 years


Tri-colour Beagle Puppies


Tri-colour Beagles are the most popular colour of beagles.  They also have variations in colours and patterns.  Some have very black backs with very little or no white while others can have patches of white on their backs. 

The Faded Beagle has all the colourings of the Tri-colour but there is tan showing through the black and the edges of the black is not clearly defined.

When you first get your puppy it may have very dark ears and a dark face.  Also there will be very little tan on it.  But this will change.  

The head and ears will turn tan.  Tan will also appear around the edges of the black back on the shoulders and hips.  

The black on the back will stay black.

Any white will remain white.

But if you can see any tan appearing through the black, that part will turn tan as it grows. 

It may take up to a year of age or more for all his colours to come through.


Lemon & White Beagle Puppies

Lemon and White Beagles are a very light tan colour and white.  They have no black on them.  Their eyes will be dark.  Their nose will be black.

The difference between a lemon and white and a Tan and White Beagle is a Tan and White has blue, grey or green eyes and a brown nose. They may also be a little darker tan colour.


Chocolate Beagle Puppies

Chocolate Beagles are a chocolate colour and white.  They will have no black on them.  Often their eyes will be a light brown, green or even blue.  Their noses are usually brown.  They are born chocolate and white and will stay those colours unlike the tri-colour who will change very much in colour as it grows.